Transitional Learning Programme

Purpose and lawful basis for processing
Our purpose for collecting this information is so that we can facilitate transitional learning programme sessions and provide an acceptable service.

The lawful basis we rely on for processing your personal data is that it is necessary for pursuing our legitimate interest to facilitate transitional learning programme sessions, under article 6(1)(f) of the UK GDPR.

When we collect any information about health conditions, dietary or access requirements or medical conditions, we also need consent, under article 9(2)(a), as this type of information is classed as special category data.

We may also ask for consent, under article 6(1)(a), to take photos during sessions for promotional purposes.


What we need
For learners accessing our transitional learning programme, we need to process the following information:

  • their name and contact details for their parent or carer;
  • their date of birth;
  • gender;
  • details regarding behaviour and educational needs, including the contents of their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP);
  • details of allergies, medical conditions, disabilities or dietary requirements;
  • agencies involved with the individual and their family; and
  • emergency contact details.


We also keep records of a learner’s attendance, educational progress and development.

If consent has been given to participating in photos for promotional purposes, individuals may be included in photos taken during sessions.


What we do with it
We use this information to:

  • contact parents or carers about their child;
  • capture and assess individuals’ needs to ensure we can fully support them within our programme;
  • gain points of contact in order to offer and sustain provision;
  • understand the individual holistically and provide information to those within our duty of care (staff);
  • plan safe and appropriate sessions based on the requirements of the participants;
  • assess the individual’s progress and development;
  • quality assure our services; and
  • if you consent, contact you about other relevant products.

We may put photos of sessions on our website, social media pages or other promotional media.


Sharing your information and data processors
We share relevant information with the following organisations or use them as data processors:

  • schools that the learner attends or will attend;
  • our local authorities;
  • Ofsted;
  • Microsoft, for storing and transferring information;
  • Schoolworks, for managing learner information;

We also may share information with other organisations in relation to Team around the family (TAF) meetings or when there are safeguarding concerns.

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