Behind the Behaviour Training

Applying Emotional Intelligence in Forest School


Dates to be confirmed.


The workshop runs from 9am – 3pm 



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What others had to say...

“The course was really informative, well paced & structured. It was clear that a lot of research & time has gone into developing the course & that the course leaders are really passionate about what is being delivered. There were plenty of opportunities for participants to share their own experiences if they felt comfortable to do so, and absolutely no pressure to do so if they didn’t.”

“I really enjoyed this course. There were a few of us who feel anxious talking in a group and we were really supported to feel comfortable. We were verbally given plenty of working examples to go with the information sheets which were laid out in an easy to digest format and contained really helpful statistics. The 7 core attitudes of mindfulness is something I will be looking into further as I found this really interesting for personal growth, whereas in the past I associated mindfulness with trying to clear my extremely busy mind and delving into emotions rather left buried.”

“Amazing course, learnt so much, very empowering as a practitioner with lots of good science to back up practical theories. Honestly I think as many people as possible should do it to prevent us falling into a culture of dismissing behaviours. Our learners are with us for a reason and after learning what I have on this course I am confident to prioritise our learners emotional wellbeing as they are not ready to learn until these needs are met.”


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