What is Forest School?

How it Started

Inspired by a Scandinavian approach to Early Years education, Forest School entered the UK in the early 1990’s, and has continued to gain momentum since…

In the early 1990’s a group of students from Bridgewater College visited Scandinavia to take a look at their approach to Early Years development and were inspired by their outdoor-focused holistic approach which embraces learner-led activities, autonomy, supported risk, and plenty of play!

The Outdoors Group approach to Forest School aims to connect young people to the outdoor environment, instilling a respect and understanding of their surroundings and those with whom they share it. We encourage autonomy and create a space whereby children are free to explore and play, with autonomy to shape their own growth and development, learning at a pace which suits the individual.

Forest School is a holistic approach to learning and has proven to be beneficial to all children, particularly those who struggle with the demands of the classroom. We champion our differences as well as our similarities and strive to be inclusive and supportive to those with additional needs. Without the constraints of a set curriculum, we are able to tailor our sessions to the needs and desires of the attendees in a nurturing, relaxed, yet inspiring setting. Our primary focus is the social and emotional development of our attendees, promoting the best opportunity for children to be happy, confident and resilient in their approach to learning with the assistance of our experienced team of Forest School Staff.

Each of our sites is as unique as those who attend our sessions, operating year-round throughout all seasons; natures very own classroom, without walls.

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