ITC Level 3 Paediatric & Forest School First Aid

Gain the necessary skills to safely administer First Aid in a Forest School setting

Having appropriate First Aid training is a necessary requirement for those wishing to run Forest School sessions at their own site.

Forest School First Aid covers the practical skills needed by those who work in Forest Schools, providing the confidence and knowledge to comprehensively deal with life-saving emergencies in the outdoor environment, including first aid for adult helpers. The Paediatric First Aid training ensures that you have the appropriate adaptations to your First Aid skills for use with children, and satisfies the Early Years Foundation Stage practice guidance and statutory guidelines.

The Outdoors Group is delighted to now offer a fully accredited, first aid course that gives you two qualifications:

  • ITC Level 3 Paediatric First Aid
  • ITC Forest School First Aid

We provide two options: a two-day course which runs each day 9am-6pm and a three-day course which runs each day from 9am-4pm

This is available in conjunction with our Forest School Leader Training (although it’s a separate course) or as a standalone booking. Our staff are friendly and experienced and are always on hand to help. This is a powerpoint free and trauma aware run first aid course.

Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th July 2024
Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th august 2024
Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th September 2024
Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October 2024
Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st November 2024
Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th February 2025
Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th March 2025
Wednesday 30th April & Thursday 1st May 2025
Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th May 2025
Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th June 2025
Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th July 2025
Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th August 2025
Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th September 2025
Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd October 2025
Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th November 2025


The course runs over 2 days. Each day runs from 9am – 6pm



Course Details

What others had to say...

I would like to acknowledge just how wonderful I thought the course was that I went on. Annie and Neil were two of the warmest, friendliest and professional trainers I’ve had the pleasure to meet. From day one they made us feel very welcome and put us at ease. They were always happy to explain anything that you might be having trouble with. Even if the questions were repetitive. Always with a smile was their approach which was reassuring for everyone. They have a rare quality of establishing a great connection with all participants from the get go. I look forward to completing the coursework and putting into action the skills we have learnt from them both.

Craig Plowman // ITC Level 3 Forest School Leader Training

Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed my time with The Outdoors Group very much. The new skills and confidence I have acquired have given me a new zest for learning so much more. I am seriously looking forward to sharing and growing in knowledge alongside the children I will teach. I found the teaching within The Outdoors Group empowering and creative, I now have a job that I am truly excited about and I have to pinch myself as it doesn’t feel real.

Tracie Carpenter //ITC Level 3 Forest School Leader Training

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