Earth Day 2024

As you may already know (or have guessed!), here at The Outdoors Group we are passionate about looking after the planet, in any way we

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Celebrating the wins

Here at The Outdoors Group, we’re no stranger to growth and change. Our company has transformed over the last 12 (eek!) years from a humble

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6 Tips for Storytellers!

This week is National Storytelling Week so what better time than to tap into the creative genius mind of our resident storyteller, Neil Martin, to

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New Year, New….?

Inevitably, the beginning of a new year brings with it a lot of thoughts and talk about change, about resolutions, about fresh starts. We’ve been

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Risky Play

We often talk about risky play when we talk about Forest School so we thought we’d explore that in a bit more depth here. We

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3 Ways To Build Resilience

One of the common concerns (or criticisms) that often gets raised when parents/carers take their children out of their mainstream educational setting, whether to home

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