The Reason Why

Back in November, our Senior Leadership Team gathered at Exeter Brewery to collaborate with the aim of producing a new mission statement for the company.

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People and Planet, over Profit.

Back in November when social media and inboxes globally were exploding with Black Friday offers, along with many other ethically and environmentally responsible companies, we

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New Year Musings

It’s time for our annual New Year blog post – a time to think about the year ahead, to identify what we are aspiring to,

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Language Matters

I have a keen interest in etymology, semantics, and all things linguistic related. As a bona fide bookworm and aspiring writer, I know the power

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One Kind Word

Last year during Anti-Bullying Week, we spoke to Hannah Clark from The Outdoors School who encouraged us to look more closely at the root cause of why

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A New Lease of Life

As many of you know, after sadly closing our doors at Exeter Forest School Kindergarten in July 2020, we spent months looking for a new

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A New School Year

And just like that, the summer has drawn to a close and we find ourselves at the start of another school year. I don’t know

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Education, Otherwise.

The 1996 Education Act states that parents are responsible for their children’s education, ‘either by regular attendance at school or otherwise’. Here at The Outdoors Group

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