Risky Play

We often talk about risky play when we talk about Forest School so we thought we’d explore that in a bit more depth here. We

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3 Ways To Build Resilience

One of the common concerns (or criticisms) that often gets raised when parents/carers take their children out of their mainstream educational setting, whether to home

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Project Based Learning

If you follow us on our social media channels, you’ll probably know that over at The Outdoors School, we take an innovative approach to education,

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Changing Seasons

It’s Autumn Equinox today which for many, marks the start of Autumn as our days and nights are, for a short while, in balance before

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That Awkward Age

Over on The Outdoors Group Podcast, we have talked to many different people who work with children and young people in their job; whether that’s

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For the love of reading!

It’s World Book Day today so we’re thinking about reading, stories, books, and literacy! Here at The Outdoors Group we LOVE nothing more than curling

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Connection and Community

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and this year, the theme is ‘Let’s Connect’. We’re being asked to think about how we can ‘make

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