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Develop, inspire and solve challenges with our bespoke Team Building Sessions

With a bespoke team away day package

If you are looking for a professional, developmental and fully customisable option for your team, then The Outdoors Group is the place for you. We offer an options based day or half day programme that can provide your team with a whole range of developmental and soft skills activities that will suit any requirements you may have.

From working on team cohesion, communication and creating common goals, through to management development, common language frameworks and company ethos, we have activities and trained instructors that can help get the very best out of your staff.

Of course all of this is done whilst having fun in a beautiful outdoor setting.
We can offer catering as well with options ranging from simple hot dogs round the fire, right up to cold buffet lunches. Teas and coffees are available throughout the day.

Best of all, our options based system allows you to create a programme for the day that is fully customisable, suits your team and also fits your budget.

benefits for the team

benefits for the individuals

Activities and Facilities

Traditional Team Building

All our company aways days will involve an element of Team Development and is a critical part of any successful team.

When done outdoors, there are some terrific (and important) benefits. A growing body of research shows the value of hands-on, in-nature learning to improving attitudes, alleviating stress and allowing people who learn and lead differently from others a chance to shine.

When you take your team outdoors, you may just find that they benefited in significant, unexpected ways.

Our team building activities will focus on any areas you would like to develop in a fun and engaging way – think crystal maze style (ish!)

Bushcraft Skills

How will your team rise to the challenge of surviving in the wild? Fire lighting, shelter building and knife skills may not be part of their job descriptions, but solving these challenges together provides a fun and practical way to increase team effectiveness.

Mindfulness and Yoga in Nature

Nature can help you become more mindful, in turn improving physical and mental wellbeing.

There are an increasing number of studies, backed by scientific research, that suggest that slowing down and being more present can help alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. We’ll explore;

Depending on availability and venue options we can also provide yoga either in the woods or indoors.



We have teamed up with JoJo’s Feel Good Food and caters for all our outdoor experience days and weekends.

We can cater for all budgets and tastes ranging from a simple hot dog around the campfire to a full cold buffet lunch or a campfire stew / chilli.

All dietary requirements catered for! Tea/Coffees and freshly baked yummy cakes also available


Meeting and Conference Facilities

Dependent on availability we can also provide conference and meeting facilities as part of your away day. As well as meeting facilities such as projector, flip charts etc.

Staff Inset Days

We offer full or half day bespoke outdoor team building packages that can provide your staff with a whole range of developmental and soft skills, tailored to your team objectives.

From working on team cohesion and communication through to management development and school ethos, we have activities and trained instructors that can help get the very best out of your staff.

We can also run mini CPD sessions that give you some basic skills and a taster of some of our full length courses such as Autism Outdoors and Learning Beyond the Classroom.

Of course, all of this is done whilst having fun in a beautiful outdoor setting.

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