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Team Building, Away Days & Group Development

Develop, inspire and solve challenges with our bespoke Team Building Sessions

Over the last decade, The Outdoors Group has provided team development sessions to a broad range of clients ranging from school staff groups, charities, and teams within the NHS and local businesses.

Run from our beautiful woodland site at Exmouth Forest School, we focus on creating an atmosphere that reduces the demands of some more corporate team-building options, allowing your team to;

  • Engage in practical Forest School and bushcraft activities that promote collaboration and team development.
  • Relax and reconnect.
  • Appreciate and celebrate each other for who they are alongside the the job roles they fulfil.
  • Rejuvenate and recharge, in a space that allows them to think outside of their day-to-day box.


Tailored to your preferences around what you would like to achieve for your team, these days are Fun, Mindful, Productive and beneficial for a functional team and Wellbeing of your people.

Cost; £650 per team of up to 10, £60 per person thereafter

benefits for the team

benefits for the individuals

Here's What Others Said...

“I want all team days to be there from now on, it was so good, and I spent the whole evening beaming. I was tired but in such a good mood! Only bloody got a blister from all the whittling though haha”

 “I just wanted to thank you for arranging the away day. It was a fantastic day and very enjoyable. Probably the best i have been on in 13 years!!! I think it goes to show how important it is as a team to connect and have fun away from the stresses of work!”

 “I must tell you, everyone has said this was by far, the best ‘away day’ ever….. even the psychologists that are normally quite reserved about these sorts of matters!

We have had the best of times. Thank you so much….. I have been to a few away days and honestly, they have been a bit of a let down… super boring and really did not achieve any objective. They were so bad in fact, I really thought I couldn’t face another, hence my email to you.

You absolutely know your stuff, you were so professional and really created the most wonderful space for us to be together sharing something a bit magical…. I’ve taken some lovely pictures which I’m sure we will treasure. Thank you for giving us an epic day out!”

Get In Touch...

Get in touch with our Forest School and Training Team to see what we could do to support investment in your team.

Email; [email protected]

Phone; 01392 715940 or 07922427608

Hope to see y’all in the woods soon!

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