Confidence After Covid


The unfortunate (but I suspect, lasting) legacy that 2020 seems to have left with all of us is a permanent sense of uncertainty. The year has been full of unknowns, of unprecedented measures and of upheaval to all of us. As adults, that is unsettling enough but the children in our lives have (arguably) been even more affected by this lack of grounding. One of the things I’ve found as a parent is that I’m now unwilling to book anything for fear of cancellation. Here at The Outdoors Group, we’ve recognised this and tried to adopt an approach that will leave you confident in booking, no matter what 2021 brings and however the pandemic plays out.

Book with Confidence

Our goal is always to be able to offer accessible outdoor education and play to all children and this is more important than ever given the year we’ve just have. Being outdoors at a regular session offers consistency, freedom to explore, the chance to build up friendships in a safe outdoors environment, and a break from the restrictions that have been imposed on us all this year.

For adults, this year has given many of us the chance to think about where our lives are heading and for a lot of people, has resulted in a desire to change the direction of our careers and lives. That is why our new booking measures don’t just apply to our provision for children but also to all adult provision and training courses as well.

What We’re Doing

In order to give you the security to book with us, safe in the knowledge that you can flex your booking if the disruption caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus means that you are unable to attend your booking for groups or courses with The Outdoors Group we now offer the following options:

  • Moving your booking to another date
  • Offering you a credit towards a future booking within the next 12 months if you’re unsure what you’d like to do.
  • Offer a full refund if neither of the above options are suitable *

We also promise….

  • To keep up to date with industry and government guidance and keep you informed asap of any changes to or cancellations of bookings
  • Limit group numbers or create bubbles so we can maintain social distancing where possible.
  • Provide hand washing facilities and sanitiser at all sites
  • Sanitise all equipment after each use
  • Inform you of any additional measures that are in place for your booking

Looking Ahead

We really hope that these measures reassure you that we are committed to protecting your bookings as well as getting your children into the woods, you onto our training courses and generally continuing to provide outdoor education, training and fun for anyone that wants it in Devon! We don’t know yet what the next year will bring but we’ll be here, stoking our campfires and ready to welcome everyone into the woods for a bit of respite from the strange world outside….and we can’t wait for you to join us!

To find out more about what each individual business area is doing to make their provision covid-secure, why not head over to our COVID-19 Book With Confidence page.

Author: Hannah Durdin, Administrator & Forest School Leader

Date: Thursday 10th December 2020

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