The 7 benefits of outdoor team building

The 7 Benefits of Outdoor Team Building

The modern workplace is a busy and often stressful environment in which it is easy to forget the importance of being part of a team. Using outdoor and nature-based group activities is an important part of building team co-operation, communication and trust, allowing people within a corporate structure to face fresh challenges and build transferable skills. Here are five of the main benefits of corporate team building events:

  1. Fresh challenges

The challenges offered allow your team of people to apply their existing knowledge and skills to new situations. Many of the situations they find themselves in will be new and will require collective problem solving, delegation, trust and self-reliance.

  1. Increased communication skills

The modern workplace relies mainly on emails and phone calls to communicate, whereas these challenges require your team to speak with one another, exchange ideas and then develop a consensus. This helps build and re-enforce relationships and respect between team members

  1. Improve office relationships

When presented with new and different problems, people have a tendency to approach them with fresh eyes and leave previous professional problems aside and diminish clicky groups. This allows for new relationships to be forged and a greater level of respect to be established as the entire team is involved and reliant on one another.

  1. Improves productivity

There is a direct link between reward and better performance. When your employees’ morale is high, you will start noticing the results in the boardroom. Corporate outdoor activities are based on improving team spirit, encouraging lateral thinking, and improving response under pressure. All these skills will automatically reflect positively on business.

  1. New roles and new skills

When undertaking team building challenges the office hierarchy is left behind, allowing other members of the team to take charge of a situation and delegate accordingly. This presents important new opportunities for team members to take on new responsibilities, develop new skills, confidence and understand the importance of leadership. It also allows others to learn how to take a back seat in matters and co-operate with other people for a common purpose.

  1. Management Insight

Corporate outdoor activities have been acknowledged as a powerful means for the management to truly see potential leaders. Employees unknowingly reveal their true selves: whether they are team workers or selfish, whether they are leaders or followers, and who all are willing to stop and help.

  1. Risk management

These challenges present a controlled level of risk which relies upon team members assessing, understanding and dealing with problems collaboratively. Learning how to deal with risk in a controlled environment helps build skills in your team which are easily transferable to any workplace.

There is no doubt that having fun is a huge part of what we provide at The Outdoors Group behind that is encouraging responsibility, team building and co-operation. Provide your team of staff with the many benefits of our outdoor team building by getting in touch today.

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  1. Thanks for posting! Group activities Melbourne allows us to face challenges that can enhance our skills. It improves their cooperation with one another and encourages the other members on how they will strengthen their weaknesses.

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