Ode To Marshmallows

Today marks National Toasted Marshmallow Day and when we realised this a few weeks ago, we issued a challenge to our staff – to pen a tribute to the wondrous gooey, most favoured of all, campfire treat. The rules were simple, to write a poem about marshmallows and we accepted any form that so took their fancy. Now the entries are in, we’ve shortlisted our favourite four and we would love YOUR help in deciding the winner!

So please have a read of the top four and then complete the survey below to vote for your favourite. And as an added incentive, one lucky participant will receive a copy of the beautiful book ‘Lost Words’ and two bags of the finest marshmallows Devon has to offer! So, without further ado, here stand our top four tributes to marshmallows:

Poem One:

As I sit by the fire warming my hands and toes

I am left thinking of delicious marshmallows.

The thought of these make me smile inside

And it is to find a sharp stick I go to find.

Once found, “Hooray that’s the one” I gleefully sing.

Now sat down with marshmallow on my stick

But I must remind myself not to eat too many else I may be sick.

Do I have pink or do I have a white

I get so excited, I must look a sight!

Oh wondrous marshmallows, how I love you so

Yet again, you have given me an inner glow.

Poem Two:

I like a marshmallow or two

They’re ever so tasty to chew

When they toast on a stick

And you give them a lick

Your fingers get covered in goo**

** none of the descriptions in this poem follow recommended safe practise for toasting and eating marshmallows on a campfire!

Poem Three:

At the end of the day in the forest,

The rustle of wind on leaves,

And the calming sounds of bird chorous,

We all know that everyone achieves.

Excitedly the children chatter,

Talk of learning and discovering,

Play and exploring together matters,

The highlight of the day uncovering.

Gathering around the welcoming fire,

The sticks prepared and bag opening,

The sweet aroma rising higher,

Marshmallows in all their gooey stickiness devoured.

Poem Four

(This was actually submitted by the daughter of one of our staff members but it was such a clever acrostic that we decided to include it!)

Mmm Marshmallows

Always make me feel at home

Roasted golden brown wonder

Splendid marshmallows

Heaven on marshmallows

Marvellous they are

   Always better toasted

Love cannot describe my feelings towards them

Light and fluffy like clouds

 Ode to Marshmallows

Where would we be without them

 Shalom Marshmallows

I think you’ll agree that it’s a tough decision – that’s why we need your help! Vote for your favourite here (we’ll choose a winner on Friday 4th September) and why not enjoy a toasted marshmallow or two to mark the occasion today!

Author: Collaboration from The Outdoors Group and The Outdoors School Staff

Date: Sunday 30th August 2020

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