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Some of you may have already met Jasmine in the woods at Exmouth Forest School but for those that haven’t, we thought a proper introduction was in order. Jasmine is our new Assistant Manager and Nick’s right hand woman…we caught up with her last week at our temporary site at Avanti Hall in Exeter to ask her a little more about her role with us and what she’ll be getting up to.



Can you introduce yourself you and what you’ll be doing within the company?

Hello, I’m Jasmine and I am the new Assistant Forest School Manager at the Exmouth site. I’ll be leading sessions with our Home Education groups and leading some of the Toddler sessions. And, helping with anything round the site!

What were you doing before you joined The Outdoors Group?

Initially before I was working for The Outdoors Group I was working for Riverford Organics, which is an organic veg box company.  I was working on the farm over the summer. Before that, my background has been working in conservation, working as a ranger and working in community engagement within conservation.

What’s been your first impressions from your first few weeks and months?

My first impressions from working here have been so good. I’ve loved it! It’s been really full on, really amazing to see all the different sites and meet all the children and meet all the staff. I’ve been exhausted from it but I’ve absolutely loved it!

What have you enjoyed the most so far?

I’ve enjoyed getting to know all the children and getting to know all the staff, leading sessions….just playing in the woods again, climbing trees! The children re-teaching me how to climb trees which has been good fun.

What are you looking forward to as the role progresses?

I am looking forward to improving my practice and getting to know the job a bit better. I’ve got some ideas for the Exmouth site which I’m excited about and leading more sessions…coming up with exciting activities.

Do you have a favourite site to work at yet? Or shall we not ask that?!silhouette-of-child-standing-in-woods-with-sun-streaming-through.

(without hesitation) Exmouth! It’s got to be Exmouth hasn’t it?! No, it’s really interesting getting the opportunity to work on all three sites because they’re all so different and they’ve all got really special aspects about them. I do really love the Exmouth site because you can just open the gate and go for a walk on the common and it’s beautiful. But they’re all so beautiful.

When you’re not busy wrangling home ed wildlings or singing to toddlers with Nick, what do you like to do in your spare time? 

In my spare time, I am pretty much outdoors all the time. I’ll be going for a walk on the beach, up on Dartmoor, in the woods. I am very badly learning some guitar and any wildlife watching, cooking, I love cooking as well.

What’s your favourite bit of being a Forest School Leader so far?

I am just really loving getting to know the kids and being outdoors in the woods all day. Seeing their creative play has been really inspiring for me and how I can be a Forest School Leader.


Author: Hannah Durdin (Administrator & Forest School Leader) & Jasmine Owen (Assistant Forest School Manager)

Date: Thursday 26th November 2020

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