Going under the knife

Hello I’m Chris, the Manager of Exeter Forest School.
This is just a little blog to let you know why I won’t be seeing you in the woods until next Spring…
A year ago my nephews’ kidneys packed up, and he’s been on dialysis ever since. The whole family got themselves tested as a match for kidney donation, and I won! I am the best match, a really good match, and this means there’s a really good chance that my kidney will be accepted by it’s new owner and my nephew can go back to a normal life.
To be honest it hasn’t been much hassle so far. A couple of days at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford to do some tests. Of course I’ve been so impressed with the service at the hospital, what an amazing job the NHS does for us. Bit of advice, don’t drink half a bottle of wine the night before a kidney donation test as you’ll just have to go back another time to double check you have a healthy liver.
Anyway, i’ll be having the op on 2nd January 2020, and the recovery time can be anywhere from 6-12 weeks. I’m hopeful I’ll be back in the woods after 8.
So, luckily I have a wonderful team around me to cover my sessions whilst i’m at home in bed playing fifa… ummm i mean recovering.
Melinda will be running my Toddler Club sessions on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Melinda is a brilliant forest school leader who currently runs our school group provision around Devon. She’s got wonderful activity ideas so please do brave the winter weather and come and support Melinda.
My Thursday Home Ed group will be run by the fabulous Yellow Coated Chris and he will be assisted by Bubs. Bubs is an integral part of the intervention and school provision we provide, and he will be an excellent example for the kids. We also have the lovely Amanda, our intervention officer continuing to join us on Thursdays for the winter.
And finally on Fridays, Frank will be taking my place. His jokes aren’t as good as mine but he does have a wonderful beard! The kids already know and love Frank and it will be a seamless transition.
So, please do come and have fun with us at Exeter Forest School this winter. It is much appreciated that you support us through the wet muddy months as well as the dry warm ones! Me and my one kidney will be wishing you all the best and looking forward to when we can join you again.
Mike (Bubs) Wale
Melinda Burge
Frank James
Amanda Leach
Author: Chris White
Date: 11 Dec 2019

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  1. You’re a hero Chris! Do hope it goes brilliantly well and you have a quick and easy recovery. It’s a bit of an extreme way of getting away from the mud 😆😁 Clare and Finlay P.

  2. Well done Chris what a fantastic thing to do. Best Xmas present ever for your nephew! Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery for both of you. xxx

  3. We’ve had to miss the last two sessions but wanted to wish you well for your op & a speedy recovery Chris… you’re a star! Hope you have a chilled Christmas & we look forward to seeing you in the Spring! Jo, Isaac & Isabelle xx

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