A Rich and Varied Curriculum

At The Outdoors School we believe that to become well rounded members of society learners should, as well as having exposure to a rich and wide curriculum, have an understanding of the world around them. The Enrichment programme encourages learners to develop confidence, new skills and knowledge by providing them with the opportunity to explore and play in a variety of environments both onsite and offsite the school. Nature connection and project based learning are fundamental in the Enrichment curriculum along with promoting and encouraging practical activity and creativity linking STEM, Literacy, Maths, PSHE, SEMH learning opportunities throughout. As Enrichment Lead, I thought I’d give you some insight into what we’ve been up to this academic year as the term draws to a close.

Build and Grow 

Learners have been developing their own ideas and skills researching, designing, building and growing within their own school setting. This freedom within this area of the enrichment programme has helped learners to progress at their own pace. We are now enrolled on the Eco School and RHS School Gardening schemes and have got off to a flying start working towards our Eco School Green Flag recognition and School Gardening awards. Take a deep breath…..here we go…..We have been learning how to make compost, making litter bins and scarecrows, litter picking, recycling waste, learning about fair trade. We have built bird feeders, bug hotels, hidey holes for insects and small mammals and planted all kinds of vegetables and flowers including potatoes, carrots, peas sunflowers, sweet peas and herbs to name just a few…! What an awesome achievement and we have only just started. 

Nature Play

We have been connecting with nature whilst having fun…learners have been making things, drawing and painting, playing games, building obstacle courses, learning to trust each other through play, storytelling and so much more.

Offsite Enrichment Adventure Days

The offsite curriculum has given learners the opportunity to visit a variety of locations and experience and participate in activities that they may not otherwise have opportunity to do outside of school. We have had fantastic fun this term canoeing and stand up paddleboarding, visiting wildlife and learning about conservation, whizzing down big drop slides and zip lines, navigating our way through a mazes, riding on trams, visiting waterfalls, exploring forests, making sandcastles, playing games and rock pooling at local beaches and taking part in a beach clean. So many adventures to be had….  

Author: Suzie Corkery, Enrichment Lead at The Outdoors School Date: Wednesday 30th June 2021

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