5 Reasons To Do First Aid (with us!)

Our Adult Provision team love creating learning communities in the woods, even if they’re only for a limited amount of time. We’ve long received feedback from our Forest School Leader trainees that this is how they feel after their 5 days with us. However, we’ve been pleased to see the same thing happening on our First Aid courses over the last 2 years. Arguably a different beast, as mandatory training for a lot of educational professionals, first aid courses can get a reputation for being a slog to endure, rather than an opportunity for further growth and connection. So we thought we’d look at five reasons to do your first aid training with us that will leave you looking forward to the next time your qualification is up and needs refreshing! 

Outdoor Learning Environment

Our First Aid courses take place in our beautiful woods at Exmouth, in a completely outdoor environment. Learning in an outdoor setting provides stimulation that a stuffy village hall just doesn’t, the senses are engaged and it’s easier to stay alert and involved in the process. Plus you get to learn in an absolutely stunning woodland setting with all the accompanying flora and fauna for company!

Led by people who work in the outdoors, not just First Aid trainers

All of our trainers also work within our company in different areas and have experience of delivering outdoor education sessions. This means that their knowledge of the outdoor elements of our First Aid courses that they teach is backed up by first hand experience and a knowledge of the environment you might find yourselves in.


Our First Aid course attracts a range of attendees from teachers to Forest School leaders to outdoor instructors and nursery workers. This means that there is the opportunity to connect with your professional peers and share experiences and best practice over your tea and lunch breaks!

Hands on learning in an authentic setting

We know that when it comes to learning one size doesn’t fit all and so our courses involve a range of instructional techniques to ensure maximum engagement and understanding of those attending. We encourage participants to get up and move around to keep the brain active and offer a number of hands on learning opportunities over the two days.

Good Reputation 

The Outdoors Group is a reputable name in outdoor education circles. We are known for our fantastic adult education provision and when you train with us, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands and will receive the most up-to-date, high quality training with friendly, approachable instructors.

So if you are due to renew your First Aid qualification or need to do it for the first time, why not come to do our ITC First Forest School and Paediatric dual First Aid course in the woods with us! Head over here to see upcoming dates and find out more. 

Author: Hannah Durdin, Forest School Leader & Content Officer

Date: Thursday 10th October 2022

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