Team Building

Develop, inspire and solve challenges with our bespoke Team Building sessions

Build Confidence

Build confidence within your teams to improve communication, performance and morale within your working environment. 

Professional Development

Identify the challenges your teams face within the working environment and let us support you through team building to solve these. 

Customisable Options

We understand every organisation faces different challenges, so we bespoke and customise all of our team building sessions to suit your requirements. 

Get Outdoors

The majority of our sessions are outdoor based and allow you to escape the traditional working environment and break down barriers. 

Improve Communication

Establish and improve how your teams communicate across your entire organisation at all levels ultimately improving team cohesion. 

Set Goals

Work together as a team to set common goals within the working environment to ensure everyone understands the company ethos. 

Effective Team Building

Transform your working environment

If you are looking for a professional, developmental and fully customisable option for your team, then The Outdoors Group is the place for you. We offer an options based day or half day programme that can provide your team with a whole range of developmental and soft skills activities that will suit any requirements you may have.

From working on team cohesion, communication and creating common goals, through to management development, common language frameworks and company ethos, we have activities and trained instructors that can help get the very best out of your staff.

Of course all of this is done whilst having good fun in a beautiful outdoor setting.

We also offer the opportunity of using our conference facilities, subject to availability, for a morning or afternoon slot to tie in with our teambuilding events.

We can offer catering as well with options ranging from simple hot dogs round the fire, right up to cold buffet lunches. Teas and coffees are available throughout the day.

Best of all, our options based system allows you to create a programme for the day that is fully customisable, suits your team and also fits your budget, with every option having clear pricing to allow you to make a programme of events that suits your price range.

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Choose Team Building day options to suit your organisation.

You can pick up to 6 of the below options to fill a day, or 3 to fill a half day, or use in combination with longer activities from other option slots.

  • Crossing the Swamp: you are given a route over an area that you need to cross using just the stepping stone mats provided, it sounds easy but there are obstacles and rules getting in the way!
  • Bomb Disposal: use the equipment provided to remove a ‘bomb’ from a within a roped off perimeter, be careful, you may not like what you find when the bomb is recovered.
  • Pipe Run: use the equipment provided by your instructors to create a path for a ball to travel down from point A to point B. There are challenges and rules that make this harder than it sounds!
  • Ski Planks: navigate your way through a course of obstacles, but be aware that your whole team will need to pull together and step in line, literally!
  • Communication Stations: set your team up for a game of Chinese whispers, with a completed structure at one end and just the pieces at the other. You will have to recreate the structure by communicating effectively as a team.
  • Spiders Web: as a team you will have to create a spiders web and get your whole team through it without anyone touching the sides.
  • Tarp Games: you will be given a series of increasingly challenging tasks to complete with a tarpaulin, total team focus and commitment are required.
  • Shelter Building: as a team you will need to construct shelter/s that are waterproof, you will be given minimum equipment and the waterproofing will be tested!
  • Fire Lighting: after a short demo, you will be given the basic equipment to light a fire and will be sent off to achieve a series of fire lighting challenges.
  • Tyre Traverse: using tyres and planks, you will need to get from one point to another, simple!
  • Water Tower: as a team you will have to stop up the leaks to get the water to the top and receive the message from inside.
  • Photo Orienteering: you will be given a series of points to navigate to, using photos and a map you make the other half of the team will have to find the same photo spots and take the same pictures to complete the challenge
  • Blindfold Obstacle Course: two of your team will be tied together and the rest of the team will be positioned to help guide them through a set of obstacles to retrieve a message


We offer cost effective solutions for all organisations
  • Morning or Afternoon sessions: £17.51 per head with a minimum total price  of £350.29 +VAT
    Whole day sessions: £33.27 per head with a minimum total price of £665.38 +VAT
  • Catering costs:
    Basic hot dog in a bun round the fire: £1.50 per head
    Fully catered with sandwiches, crisps and biscuits: £3.75 per head
    Fully catered cold buffet including sandwiches, quiche, salad, fruit, crisps and cakes: £7.00 per head

Conference centre bookings will be for a morning or afternoon slot and are subject to availability; please contact us well in advance if you wish to book this service for the day.

  • Conference centre use will cost £247.60 +VAT plus the minimum spend for a morning or afternoon session.
    Please note, we do not book the conference centre without the team building option. 

All prices are excluding VAT which is chargeable for these events



Choose Team Building day options to suit your organisation.

You can pick up to two of the below options and build them into your programme of events in combination with the other options to reach a maximum of 6 option slots overall.

  • Search and Rescue: you will need to locate a casualty, deal with injuries if necessary and construct a means to transport them back to a safe location
  • Campfire Cooking: learn the basics of campfire cooking to create a variety of traditional snacks and products using ancient and aboriginal techniques
  • Circus Skills: have a go at some circus skills fun, juggling, plate spinning, slacklining and more!
  • Orienteering Challenge: piece together the map you have been given in sections and use it to collect the items from each orienteering point in order to complete the challenge described with the map.
  • Build and fire a rocket: complete a set of mini challenges to win the items required to build a rocket, the first group to fire the rocket is the winner!
  • Raise the Flag: similar to the fire a rocket but you have to design and raise a flag for your team to complete the challenge
  • Team Podium Finish: use the equipment provided to lash together a platform between the trees that your whole team can stand on. The task is complete when the whole team are off the floor on the platform!


Choose Team Building day options to suit your organisation.

These can be used as a whole session for a morning or afternoon team building session, or can be used in combination with the other options to create a day event for your team.

  • Communication Lockdown: designed to look at your whole organisations communication, this task locks a few of your team away with just 1 form of communicating; walkie talkies! There is a second tier of your team that can receive the messages but cannot complete the work, and finally there is the rest of the team who need to follow the instructions to complete the challenge but cannot hear the directions themselves. This is designed to highlight the communication systems throughout your organisation and how they can be made more effective.
  • Search and Rescue Scenario: you will need to establish a base camp in the woods, and follow instructions via walkie talkie to find and extract a casualty from a location in the woods. After this you will have to work together to create a signal fire in order to alert your chief instructor that the challenge is complete.
  • Orienteering Team Challenges: This is an orienteering route around the woods that has a challenge at each point you reach, by following the clues from each challenge you will be able to piece together the information for the last challenge. Without these you get the equipment but no instructions!
  • Keep it Snappy: a three hour session of short sharp activities for the whole group, this is a great get to know you challenge and allows teams to chat and change partners frequently, ideal for new teams, or for teams that have no specific requirement to improve set soft skills or team attributes. This is a fast paced and fun set of activities with a little bit of everything thrown in.

Choose options and book a Team Building session...

Transform your working environment with The Outdoors Group.


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