Finding your Leadership Voice in the Forest

A Development Day for School Staff and Leadership Teams at our Exmouth Forest School

The Outdoors Group & Foster Leadership have created an exciting new opportunity to enable you to truly invest in your team. Combining the ‘5 Voices System’ of Leadership insights, and TOG’s approach to developing practical outdoor skills, this introductory day course promises to promote a more cohesive, effective and happy team that thrives and communicates with a greater sense of value and clarity.

In 2020 The Outdoors Group enlisted the support of Leadership Coach Steve Foster, to guide and assist our growing Senior Leadership Team to navigate a period of rapid growth. In doing so, we began a journey that promised to ensure we were effectively aligned for a productive and collaborative future in an ever-changing sector.

Appreciating the breadth of skill we had, empowering each of us not only to recognise our own strengths and how to access them, but to understand and intentionally invest in facilitating the same for others, was transformational.

Forest School and Outdoor skills have long proven to be a fantastic vehicle to facilitating team-building activities and a sense of community among children and adults alike. The shared experience of utilising the natural environment sustainably through a multitude of tasks and outcomes is what The Outdoors Group has worked hard to achieve over the last decade. Holistically, the educational and personal benefits to each of the thousands of visitors to our range of provisions is incredible to see. We are proud and excited to further develop the benefits of what we offer through our collaboration with Foster Leadership, drawing from our combined expertise to create an immersive experience to assist in developing and reaching your team potential.


Steve Foster
A teacher for 27 years, Steve has a wealth of experience and expertise in leading high-performing teams and creating healthy culture, across a range of leadership positions and settings. He currently works with senior leaders and teams in schools, non-profit, alternative education providers and individual coaching clients.

Foster Leadership, in partnership with GiANT Worldwide and the 5 Voices system, provides training to transform how your teams work together through building the following:

  • Self Awareness; recognising my Leadership Voice and what skills and qualities do I bring at my best? What am I great at that others struggle with?
  • Team Awareness; what are the leadership voices of those I work with and how can I empower them to bring their best? What are they great at that I struggle with?
  • Excellent Communication; strategies to ensure clarity, ensuring the full team feels valued and heard.
  • Great relationships; developing intentional communication and an appreciation that we are all individual, the 5 Voices system is a key tool in creating understanding of the team as a whole.
  • Alignment; are staff clear on the vision and values of the team, and is what we do consistent with who we say we are?


Successful implementation of these strategies and tools will lead to;

  • Happier staff who feel heard and valued for who they are and the skills they possess.
  • Greater emotional intelligence, better relationships, and increased engagement with the wider community.
  • Leaders who are ‘for you’, who intentionally invest in the highest possible good of those in their teams.
  • A positive, supportive and vibrant culture, leading to greater engagement and lower turnover.
  • An aligned and more productive team, promoting better academic, pastoral and co-curricular outcomes for all.

How the day takes shape;
Run from our woodland setting at Exmouth Forest School, we have created an immersive programme for your team to explore and investigate the 5 Voices through presentation and discussion with Steve, alongside practical challenges, tasks and activities laid out by our Training Team.

-Gaining an awareness of each individual leadership voice, alongside those they work with.

-Discussion and insight into how these apply to your working environment.

-Encouraging self-awareness as well as a deeper understanding of others through working towards shared goals to complete team building tasks and activities to promote self-reflection. This may include alternative fire-lighting challenges, tool-use, shelter building/outdoor survival skills.

-Space and time to be mentally and physically active.

-Pre-session consultation with Steve to allow us to gain insight into your team, and your aims. (1 hour)

-Pre-session 5 Voices assessment for each member of your team to allow us to further tailor your experience. (1/2 hour per person).

-All day refreshments.

-Optional lunch cooked over an open fire.

A day of learning, discovery, team-awareness, team-appreciation, and renewal of shared goals.

This opportunity is not to be missed.

For enquiries please contact; [email protected], or phone 01392 715940

 Links to Further Information;

Foster Leadership;

The Outdoors Group Teambuilding, Education & Training;


flexible around inset/staff training days.




£1800 introductory offer (up to 30 people).

Course Details

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