A pioneering approach 
to education

With a growing number of parents and teachers looking for new ways to educate we have a very real desire to be part of the change to the education system on a national scale. As a ten-year strong, pioneering, ‘for purpose’ organisation, we’re already leading in our market and busy providing opportunities for children, young people, and adults to access education, training, and fun experiences in outdoor settings. We invite you to join us, to help impact the face of education in order to make being outdoors a cornerstone of the educational model 

We understand that when it comes to meeting the needs of individual learners’ a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t crack it. That’s why we’ve adopted a child-centred approach, one that enables us to support the wellbeing and holistic development of our learners. All of us here at TOG keep our eye on the goal; to help shape the next generation into resilient and self-confident adults, whilst fostering a true love of learning and a deep respect for nature that will stay with them for life. That’s our bread and butter, what gets you out of bed in the morning? 

nurturing the next generation

Active Protectors of the Natural World

It’s important to us that every new member of staff shares in our love of the outdoors and recognises its value in our lives, and in the lives of our learners. This is why we’ve pledged to do as much as possible to play our part in stopping the climate crisis we find ourselves in. As a company, were working towards becoming carbon negative by 2030, a certified B Corporation and want to encourage the next generation that we work with to become active protectors of the natural world.  

No matter what business you are in, if you have employees you are in the people business, and we know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that our greatest asset is our incredible team. This is why we’re proud to advocate for “People over profit”. Our primary aim is to enhance and improve quality of life for our employees because it’s clear that when people are healthy and well, and find purpose and meaning in their day to day, they are able to contribute more – whether that’s to their families, their work or society at large.  

Putting People First

Helping Employees Thrive
They Work

When you join TOG, you don’t just become ‘one of the workforce’, you become part of a community in which working relationships are built on trust and respect. While lots of companies stick to the confinements of a traditional work environment, we try to be as forward-thinking as possible in a variety of ways, from adopting a hybrid working approach and utilising digital tools that enable staff to work flexibly yet collaboratively, to making employee welfare an undisputed priority. We take a proactive approach to ensuring TOG is considered a fantastic place to work, where creativity and innovation are nurtured and staff feel energised to do their best work. 

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