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Personal Details

Please let us know if you have any medical needs that we should be aware of . Please also detail here if you have any specific dietary requirements: are you vegetarian/vegan, do you have any allergies?


Contact Details

NB please ensure this is an email address that is checked regularly as we primarily communicate by email.

Marketing / Communication Preferences

Would you be happy to be included in our promotional images?
The Outdoors Group guarantees that your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances without your explicit informed consent.
This group is a place to share ideas and learnings, ask questions and support each other

Do you have any special requirements?

eg disability, vision impairment etc
It is important that you disclose any disability as it will have an impact on the way in which we manage the course delivery. Based on your answer to this question we may require you to undertake an interview to better assess your ability and suitability for the course.

Payment and Invoice Details

Please select your preferred payment option. After filling out this form you will be prompted to select your payment option via our GoCardless account. If your employer is paying for your training, please ensure you have provided their contact details below and we will invoice them directly.
Employer Details (If applicable)


I hereby state that all the information above is true and accurate at the time of submission. I understand that as a result of this information The Outdoors Group Ltd will make a judgement about whether I am a suitable candidate for the course. This may result in the need for an interview before the application is approved. I am aware that any information I have not disclosed that is discovered at a later date may result in me being asked to leave the programme. I understand that my place on the course will not be secure until I have paid a minimum of the appropriate deposit for the course level I have applied for.
You will have exactly one year to complete your portfolio of work, the year will begin from the first day of the practical training. If your submissions are past this date and you still want to complete the course you will be charged an additional £100 a month each month the course work is overdue. Please also refer to our Payments Policy available on our website
I agree that if a trainee becomes seriously ill or injured during his/her attendance, The Outdoors Group reserves the right to administer any first aid deemed immediately necessary (by a trained first aider), to call for emergency assistance and, if necessary, remove him/her to hospital. In this circumstance the session leader will do his/her utmost to inform any next of kin immediately.

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