Forest School Leaders Reunion

Join us at the Exmouth Forest School for a Presentation Evening to celebrate our Forest School Trainees

We are delighted to be able to invite Forest School Leader Trainees, past and present, back into the woods at Exmouth for an evening of networking, community and celebration. This evening will give us the chance to present some of our trainees with their certificates and will serve as a recognition of the achievements of all trainees present and the opportunity for us to catch up with those that have trained with us.

We’d love for you to join us for an evening in the woods to have a chat about how you’re using your training now, where your forest school journey has taken you and to be able to facilitate a reunion between those friends that trained together. We are excited about having the opportunity to celebrate, to collaborate and to chat!

And it wouldn’t be a Forest School Leader venture if we weren’t keeping you well fed would it?! We’ll be serving up hot dogs, tea/coffee and Helen’s legendary cinnamon buns!

August 2022: Tuesday 30th


6pm until 8pm



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